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A pioneer with a legacy of over 43 years dedicated to flying excellence throughout Asia and the Pacific.

Continental Aero Flying School Inc. is proud to be one among the pioneering flying schools in the Philippines. Founded in 1980, we have been instrumental in shaping the aviation landscape and have contributed to the training and development of numerous skilled pilots. As one of the first aviation training schools in the country, we carry a legacy of excellence and commitment to providing world-class flight training.

As part of our flight training program, we conduct practical training from MCIA (Mactan Cebu International Airport) to various airstrips and airports across the country, encompassing a total of 30 aerodromes in our training itinerary. This real-world training environment allows you to gain valuable experience flying to different destinations, navigate diverse terrains, and handle various weather conditions.

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Continental Aero Flying School Inc., a pioneering force since 1980, has shaped the aviation landscape in the Philippines. With a legacy of excellence, our world-class flight training program takes you from Mactan Cebu International Airport to 30 aerodromes nationwide, providing real-world experience in diverse conditions. Graduating pilots locally and internationally, our impressive fleet, including unique aircraft like the Baron 58 with 4-bladed MT props, reflects our commitment to offering unparalleled training. Choose Continental for a rich history, extensive experience, and the best flight training in Asia and the Pacific.

Pilot Training Programs

CAFS provides the following variety of courses, each phase of training is supervised to ensure safety is never compromised.


Private Pilot Course

Begin flying with a PPL for personal aviation joy.

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Commercial Pilot Course

Pilots earn flying in airlines, charters, and general aviation, gaining experience.

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Flight Instructor Course

Instructors teach aviation skills, theory, and safety to train pilots.

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Airline Transport Pilot Theory

ATPL holders lead large aircraft, captain for airlines, need CPL

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Instrument Rating

Allows pilots to fly an aircraft solely by reference to instruments, without relying on outside visual references.

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Multi-Engine Rating

Enables pilots to operate and master aircraft equipped with two or more engines.

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Foreign License Validation & Conversion

Convert foreign pilot's license to fly in the Philippines.

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3 - 6 Months

Ground School

110 Hours

Flight Hours

42 Hours

Simulator Hours

5 Hours

The first step in your Flying Career is to get the PPL. It is a type of pilot license that allows individuals to fly an aircraft for personal or recreational purposes, without renumeration. With a PPL, pilots can explore the world of aviation and enjoy the freedom of flying for leisure.

1. Principles of Flight
2. Aircraft General Knowledge
3. Air Law
4. Flight Performance and Planning
5. Human Performance
6. Meteorology
7. Navigation
8. Operational Procedures
9. Radio Telephony
10. EQC C-172